Wacko Montet Released

Wacko Montet Released

Released Music Song Artist Wacko Montet

Background Back Shaman the King Cobra

Single: Original, Playtime: 3.46

A sure find

Single: Extract, Playtime: 4.08


EP special: Original, Playtime: 12.05

Breath Atari

Single: Extract, Playtime: 3.26

The silence within

Single: Extract, Playtime: 3.54

A angel was born, and killed by love

EP Special: Original, Playtime: 27.45

Lost the wings that I ones ware

Extended: Extract, Playtime: 8.36

Fake trust to luck

Single: Remix, Playtime: 3.52

Sixth sense, I have the 7th

Extended: Extract, Playtime: 9.32

Force of galaxy

Extended: Remix, Playtime: 8.52

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